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Headed by black belt instructor Nic Huebing, Next Level in Portage, WI has training for men, women and Children. Learn in a comfortable atmosphere for both newcomers and those returning to the sport. Located in Portage WI, Next Level offers the opportunity to learn from some of the top martial arts instructors in Wisconsin. Let us take your fitness and martial arts skills to the Next Level!

New Purple Belt At Next Level!


Justus was promoted to purple belt on June 13th after 5 years of training. Justus is one of two people at Next Level to...

Seminar 2/25/12

Congratulations to all participants this past weekend who attended the 3 hour Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu seminar with Nic Huebing at Next Level Mixed Martial Arts!

New Purple Belt at Next Level!

New Purple Belt at Next Level! Josh Kristof received his purple Belt after 5 years of Training. Congrats Josh! Next Level’s first Purple Belt!